"Christmas deal": migrant traffickers allegedly charging £435 to cross the Channel in overcrowded vessels.

“Christmas deal”: migrant traffickers allegedly charging £435 to cross the Channel in overcrowded vessels.

This year, tens of thousands of migrants crossed the English Channel as the UK and France struggled to handle the situation.

People traffickers are allegedly offering desperate migrants £435 to cross the English Channel in overcrowded boats. Kurdish thugs in Calais made the cruel promises after four migrants drowned last week in cold seas.

One week before December 25, the rates presently on sale are estimated to be the lowest ever for unlawfully entering the UK by boat.

Care4Calais’ Lucy Halliday told The Mirror: “Some are paying as little as €500 (£435). The smugglers are taking what they can to fill boats, and the lower the price, the more they try to get on board. We know they’re overcrowded.”

She attacked the Conservative Party Government, saying she’s seen many crossing attempts every day in the French port since February.

Halliday raged:”The British Government has blood on its hands. Migrants died because of the Government’s hostile position.

“Instead of spending £5million on hotels, the Home Office should spend it on clearing the asylum backlog. These are traumatised people being denied their human rights.”

This year, nearly 45,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel in tiny boats.

French police have been criticised for not stopping the crossings despite a £63 million UK pact to bolster coastal patrols. Total expenditure since the issue started in 2018 is quickly reaching £200 million, and both nations are under pressure to take control. 

One Afghan guy said he sought to board the capsized boat but was informed it was full.

The 27-year-old said: “We had walked ten hours to the beach but there were already too many people on board. There were many Afghans and lots of women and children. It was a mixed group.”

After meeting an Afghan middleman in the camp, he agreed to pay Kurds £2,000 to transport him to the UK. The guy, a doctor in Afghanistan, had previously paid another gang £7,000 to bring him to Calais. He is currently waiting to be told where he may board a boat to the UK.

He stated: “I’ve got on three boats but each time the police caught us and held it. I’ve had bad luck. I know it is dangerous but I will keep trying.

“If I could travel legally with a visa I would but they are not giving them to people from my country.”

A spokes person for the Home Office said: “Tackling the unsustainable number of Channel crossings and the wider global migration crisis is one of the most important issues we face.

“The Home Secretary has always been up front that there is no one single solution to the global migration crisis but doing nothing is not an option.

“Last week, the Prime Minister announced bold plans to tackle illegal migration, which sets out a suite of measures to stop the exploitation of our system once and all.

“We will continue to use every tool at our disposal to stop abuse of the system and ensure the safety of our borders.”