Lee Anderson MP blasts Gary Neville for making 'hypocritical' statements on workers' rights during the World Cup final.

Lee Anderson MP blasts Gary Neville for making ‘hypocritical’ statements on workers’ rights during the World Cup final.

Lee Anderson has expressed his displeasure with Gary Neville’s remarks on workers’ rights at the Qatar World Cup final.

 During ITV’s broadcast of the football match, the commentator complained about working conditions in Qatar, despite the ongoing controversy over FIFA’s choice to organise the World Cup there.

He said: “We should detest low pay. We should detest poor accommodation and poor working conditions. And that is something that we can never, ever accept in this region or in any region.

“It is just worth mentioning that we’ve got a current government in our country. Who are demonising rail workers, ambulance workers and terrifyingly nurses.

“So in our country, we’ve got to look at workers rights. But certainly when football goes now, we have to make sure we pick up on workers rights wherever it goes.

“Because people have got to be equal, they’ve got to be treated equal. We can’t have people being paid an absolute pittance to work.

“We can’t have people in accommodation, which is unsavoury and disgusting. We can’t have that. That shouldn’t happen here with the wealth that exists, but it shouldn’t happen in our country that our nurses are have to fight for an extra £1 or an extra £2 either.”

Anderson replied to his Twitter remarks by saying: “Talk about football Gary and keep your nose out of politics. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The duo then had a chat where Anderson taunted Neville to stand against him in the next general election.

In an interview with GB News’ Bev Turner, Ashfield MP said: “I just sort of smiled. I’m new to Twitter so I didn’t know how to tag him in or do anything.

“I’m pretty sure that when he was a professional footballer earning hundreds of thousands million of pounds a year playing for Manchester United and England.

“I’m pretty sure he never called out the low pay of staff at football grounds around the country, especially Old Trafford, where I believe at one time they were paying people for minimum wage or living wage, people living on the bread line.

“Escorting them into the grounds, doing all the jobs they do at football grounds.

“Not once has this virtue signalling ex-footballer called it out, never heard him at all.

“He bangs on about workers rights, he goes to Qatar, where they’ve probably got some of the worst rights in the world, takes God knows how much money to do with that, and he has the cheek to come on and slate our Government.

“The man’s an absolute idiot, he is a moron.

“He’s talking rubbish because he’s making the comparison by between the cruelty and the harsh reality of migrant labourers in Qatar which, by the way, some have actually died in those stadiums.

“He’s been making thousands of pounds preaching his nonsense from. He has the cheek and audacity to compare that with our public service workers. I think probably Gary, in his footballing career, has headed too many balls.”

Following the disputed awarding of the finals to the Gulf state in 2010, Qatar reportedly invested £200 billion in the country’s infrastructure.