MP criticises decision to name migrant hotel 100 yards from the site of far-right rioting.

MP criticises decision to name migrant hotel 100 yards from the site of far-right rioting.

A Tory MP has urged with Home Secretary Suella Braverman to rethink requisitioning a hotel in the middle of his constituency to shelter illegal migrants amid worries it may provoke an increase in far-right violence.

Dudley North MP Marco Longhi made his plea during Home Office questions amid rising worries about the way hotels up and down the country are being filled to manage the migrant problem.

Mr Longhi, a senior Tory MP from the 2019 intake who helped bring down Labour’s Red Wall, is one of several backbenchers who want the Home Secretary to start deporting unlawful migrants to Rwanda right away.

After the High Court determined on Monday that the initiative is legitimate, hopes are high that the scheme will finally get off the ground.

Mr Longhi, on the other hand, is among a number of MPs who are outraged that illegal migrants are being placed in his area as the Home Office requests hotels.

During Home Office questions, he addressed the problem of the far-right previously targeting his district, as well as fears that placing illegal migrants in a hotel within 100 yards from violent scenes may lead to a replay of recent events.

The question was aimed for Ms Braverman, but it was addressed by her deputy, migration minister Robert Jenrick.

“The UK is essentially full,” he continued, “and it is extremely hard to find new hotels or other forms of accommodation.”

The Home Office has been pressed to find an alternative to the military camp Manston after an extremist attempted to set fire to it and claims surfaced that the facility was overcrowded.

Concerns about migration being out of control are also motivating centre-right challengers to the Tories in Red Wall seats such as Reform UK .

In her remark on the Rwanda court judgement, Ms Braverman agreed that concerns concerning migration should not be laughed at.