Rebecca Jane labels Rwanda policy a 'PR stunt' and says Government should ban ALL MIGRANTS for five years

Ban all migrants for 5 years – UKIP deputy, Rebecca Jane, attacks the government’s Rwanda policy, branding it a “PR stunt.”

Senior courts dismissed Monday accusations that the intention to provide round-trip flights to asylum seekers to Rwanda was illegal.

Together with Mr. Justice Swift, Lord Justice Lewis rejected the policy’s critics’ arguments as a whole but said the Government had erred in eight asylum applicants’ particular circumstances.

After the justices determined that the multi-million pound agreement to reduce Channel crossings was legal, Home Secretary Suella Braverman said she is “committed” to transferring migrants to Rwanda as soon as it is feasible.

The High Court decision, according to Suella Braverman, “thoroughly vindicated” the Government’s policy, which she called “compassionate,” “pragmatic,” and “rational,” she told MPs.

Recently, Rebecca Jane, the deputy leader of UKIP, accused the government of exploiting the Rwanda proposal as a “PR stunt.”

In an interview with Bev Turner on GB News, she discussed her opinions on the contentious decision: “I have no time for the Rwanda plan, I’m afraid, because it’s an absolute PR stunt. It’s a waste of time. It can only take 200 people. It’s going to take months before anything even happens. It won’t happen.”

“So the plan is a waste, we need a better, proper plan.”

“Conservative and Labour, I don’t think either of them have got a good idea between them.”

She said, “Personally, I think that the problem is getting to shore. So I don’t think we should be letting people get to shore. I think that we should be turning them back before they get here.”

“I think that we should be heavily investing in our systems and the management behind the infrastructure of it, because that’s another way in which it fails.”

“We need to stop sending money to France. What on earth is that all about? That’s ridiculous. So, yeah, my biggest part of it is stop people getting to shore.”

She continued by suggesting that the UK prohibit all immigrants from entering the nation for the “next five years,” and that the nation “can’t cope”.

“We are at absolute breaking point in every possible way of the country… we need to get a grip on our country as it is.”

“I think we need to have better systems, better structures. I think that we need to be looking at the nursing situation, the NHS, our schooling systems, and then we need sensible immigration.”