Rishi Sunak was urged to get a "grip of crisis" after homeless people were evicted from a hotel for migrants.

Rishi Sunak was urged to get a “grip of crisis” after homeless people were evicted from a hotel for migrants.

Eight homeless individuals were evicted from temporary housing to make place for migrants, according to a Freedom of Information request, prompting Rishi Sunak to be asked to “get a grip” on the immigration situation.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance submitted the FOI request to Crawley Borough Council in November 2022. How many homeless people were “evicted from accommodation within the council’s remit in order to make way for migrants and asylum seekers,” according to the request.

“Eight individuals were unable to remain in their temporary accommodation funded by the Council due to the hotel closing to public and corporate bookings and moving to an exclusive use contract for a Government client,” Crawley Borough Council said in response to the request.

The eight people were indeed able to find alternate housing, according to the council. John O’Connell, CEO of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Brits will be appalled that migrants have been prioritised over the homeless.”

“This demonstrates the complete failure of this Government to get a grip of this crisis.”

“The Prime Minister must ensure that his plans announced this week achieve results quickly.”

The Prime Minister has presented a five-point strategy to stop illegal immigration as part of his attempts to address the migrant problem.

Over a third of those who crossed the English Channel in the first nine months of the year were from Albania, according to government statistics that were made public last week. The strategy was designed to solve this issue.

Speaking before the Commons, Mr. Sunak said that the existing system is “not fair” and that “enough is enough.”

This year alone, some 44,700 individuals have crossed the English Channel in shaky boats to reach British shores.

A small boats command, increased enforcement efforts, the cessation of housing asylum seekers in hotels, and an increase in caseworker employment are all part of the plan.

Additionally, Albania will be recognised as a “safe country.”

Additionally, Mr. Sunak met with the former prime minister Theresa May in an effort to get her support for revising the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 in order to close a gap that permits immigrants to remain in the UK.

Mrs. May introduced the Modern Slavery Act to assist the estimated 10,000 people in domestic slavery or who had been sex trafficked into the UK in 2015.

Since then, it has been discovered that immigrants are using these provisions to thwart UK deportation.

The Daily Mail quoted a source as saying: “Rishi asked Theresa to help to protect her legacy by restricting the abuse of the laws.”

“Theresa made clear that she wouldn’t accept any change which watered down the vital protections.”.