According to new plans proposed by Suella Braverman, migrants might be kept on disused cruise ships.

According to new plans proposed by Suella Braverman, migrants might be kept on disused cruise ships.

According to ideas being explored by the Home Office, disused cruise ships might be repurposed to host asylum seekers.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman said her office is considering the suggestion and that representatives were in contact with ship owners.

Small boats have already carried more than 45,000 migrants over the English Channel so far this year.

“Everything is still on the table and nothing is excluded,” Ms. Braverman told her colleagues.

She also criticised the Home Office workers for their tardy processing of asylum petitions after learning that just one was handled each week.

She also disclosed that the cost of housing and assistance for asylum seekers will increase to £3.5 billion in 2019.

The Home Secretary said that caseworkers handling asylum claims needed to move more quickly in order to decrease a backlog of 100,000 cases and a multi-million pound hotel cost.

“I should say just for context, what I have found during my few months here at the Home Office is that we have very different practices. Our asylum caseworking team do a great job but their productivity frankly is too low. “

“The average decision-making rate of a decision-maker per week is one.”

After Privilege Style dropped out, Ms. Braverman said she still hasn’t found a replacement airline to deport individuals to Rwanda.

She informed the Committee that “We have a lot of ongoing discussions with several airlines.”

“We are returning people almost every week to various countries around the world.”

“When it comes to Rwanda, at the moment the delivery of Rwanda is on pause, it’s on hold while we’re going through litigation.”

After High Court justices determined the Government’s multi-million pound plan to provide migrants who cross the Channel to the UK with a one-way ticket to the east African country was legal earlier this week, Ms. Braverman said she was dedicated to transferring migrants to Rwanda as soon as possible.

However, Downing Street acknowledged that as long as the possibility of more legal action lingered, it was difficult to predict when planes may take off.

A number of concerns from the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), Care4Calais, and Detention Action organisations, as well as attorneys representing numerous asylum seekers, led to the cancellation of the first deportation flight, which was scheduled to depart on June 14.