"Shame on you,"  SNP's new rule making it easier for men to identify as women incites outrage.

“Shame on you,”  SNP’s new rule making it easier for men to identify as women incites outrage.

To screams of “shame on you,” new laws in Scotland that make it simpler for individuals to legally alter their gender have been enacted. 

The modifications eliminate the need for a gender dysphoria medical diagnosis in order to get a gender recognition certificate (GRC). 

According to the law, children will be permitted to make the change at age 16. 

For those who are 18 or older, the period spent living in their adopted gender is reduced from two years to three months. 

Critics cautioned that predatory males may take advantage of the regulatory changes. 

Rachael Hamilton, a Scottish Conservative MSP, said that the Bill “has shown this Parliament at its worst”.

In single-sex areas, Ms. Hamilton said that the Bill would “let criminal men exploit the system” and put women in danger. 

“While most of us across Scotland are good, decent, reasonable people, rapists are not, sex offenders are not, it is ignorant in the extreme to believe that they will not take advantage of loopholes that are ripe for exploitation,” she said that the Bill puts “society as a whole” at danger. 

By a final vote of 86 to 39, the Scottish Parliament supported the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. 

Earlier this year, a cabinet minister resigned in opposition to the SNP proposal. 

However, despite the Bill’s approval, the UK Government has threatened to fight it in the Supreme Court, according to Scottish Secretary Alister Jack. 

She uttered: “I will never apologise for trying to spread equality, not reduce it, in our country.”

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