Due to allegations that MPs "met sex workers" while travelling abroad, Parliament has been dubbed "House of Sleaze."

Due to allegations that MPs “met sex workers” while travelling abroad, Parliament has been dubbed “House of Sleaze.”

For the most of 2022, the House of Commons has been defending itself against claims of a toxic culture and a number of misbehaviour charges.

According to a story, British MPs travelling abroad were greeted by sex workers at their hotel.

Concern that politicians are putting themselves at risk for blackmail has intensified as a result of the accusation, which has prompted fury on social media.

Senior Whitehall officials worry that MPs and peers who engage in “sex and heavy drinking” while travelling abroad put themselves and the British Government at risk.

The Times was informed by a senior government official that the poor behaviour was “quite astonishing.”

The all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs), an unofficial cross-party organisation of MPs and peers that advocate for certain causes, seem to come under scrutiny in the study.

One MP apparently received sanctions after being seen frequently approaching female interns who were in charge of planning the tour during a separate trip to a significant ally of Britain.

Even a former Tory MP is claimed to have inquired about the location of the closest brothel when travelling in a southeast Asian nation.

MPs have defended their foreign travel by asserting that it is an important aspect of their job as backbenchers and that they have calendars full with political and cultural activities.

A more stringent regulation of APPGs was demanded this year by the Commons Standards Committee.

Campaigner for gender equality Sophie Walker tweeted about the The Times article and labelled the actions as “abuse of vulnerable women.”

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