If Sturgeon's goal of independence comes true, Scotland will be stripped of its army. 

According to a Research Professor: If Sturgeon’s goal of independence comes true, British military forces would immediately return to the UK. 

According to Professor Azeem Ibrahim of the University of Glasgow, if Scotland became independent, the military forces would be immediately returned to the UK Government since they are “owned and controlled by Westminster” under the legislation. 

According to Professor Ibrahim, Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, Scotland will be obliged to negotiate over the military forces, but there are no assurances that Scottish divisions of the army would result. 

While Professor Ibrahim believes that Scottish independence would be damaging to Scottish security, the UK Government cautioned last week that independence might be bad to UK security as a whole. 

The Scottish Affairs Committee launched an investigation last week examining Scotland’s involvement in UK defence of the North Atlantic and Arctic.

Mr Wishart said: “From the navy to the RAF, Scotland is the heart of the UK’s military capabilities.

“As the world is exposed to increased geopolitical tensions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the security of the North Atlantic and the surrounding countries has never been so important in modern times.

“The UK Government’s Arctic Strategy, published earlier this year, recognises this and outlines how the UK is operating in new ways to adapt to any threats.

“Our Committee will be examining the role that Scottish-based defence capabilities will play in this changing landscape, and how the Arctic Strategy is being delivered in Scotland.”

Speaking to the Express, Professor Ibrahim said Scotland plays “an absolutely integral part of the security apparatus of the UK”.

However, he questioned if it could “maintain the same level of defence it currently enjoys” if Scotland was to became independent. 

John Gower, a defence specialist, said last year that if Scotland obtains independence, major Trident assets, including the Faslane submarine base, the Coulport warhead loading facility, and surrounding testing ranges, may be pushed abroad or put on hold.

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