whistleblower promises to prove the Covid lab leak theory. 

Despite being advised that it is “not safe” to do so, whistleblower promises to prove the Covid lab leak theory.

One of the first researchers to go public with their suspicions that the virus may have escaped from a Wuhan facility is Dr Alina Chan.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China has been the target of Dr Alina Chan’s continuous attempts to draw attention to it. Dr Chan, a gene therapy and cell engineering expert at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, is keen to learn how the virus truly originated. 

Additionally, Mr Ridley said that the Chinese government’s “harsh” measures contributed to the demise of a thorough probe into the origins of Covid. This has also been accepted by the White House, which last year commissioned an inquiry into the virus’s origins.” 

Mr Ridley spoke to the Express in January 2022, after a leaked email exchange claimed to demonstrate that scientists debated the lab leak theory early in the outbreak but never publicly came forward.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology also mysteriously removed a viral database just before the epidemic started, supporting the lab leak allegation. 

However, Dr Chan and Mr Ridley concur that a zoonotic spillover is a likely cause for the virus’s origin.  This is true even if one media outlet called her a “race traitor” because of her part-Chinese ancestry. 

While the wet market theory has not been ruled out, hackers have subsequently found evidence that Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers were gathering bats and doing experiments that may have led to a lab leak. 

As the world waits for the US inquiry to be finished, Dr Chan is still as vociferous as ever in her mission to learn the actual origins of the virus that has claimed millions of lives worldwide. 

Dr Chan will have played a significant role if the lab leak scenario is confirmed and may be remembered as the scientist who discovered the scandal.

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