The Defence Secretary stated today that the British Army will keep the UK’s borders secure.

Ben Wallace visited Manchester Airport to see the work soldiers were performing in the place of the on-strike Border Staff employees.

He denied the assertion that the nation’s borders are less secure when they are guarded by military personnel, “the claim is just pure propaganda put out by the unions”, he said.

“And of course, they are backed up by computer systems and scans that allow us to identify people of worry coming into the country.”

When asked if he thought the Armed Forces were more efficient than Border Force Staff, he replied: “I’ve been here at Manchester Airport for over an hour and seen queues rapidly decrease.

“I think it’s pretty efficient, especially here in terminal two of Manchester, which is a brand new facility.

“I think what it demonstrates is that the Armed Forces are managing to substitute for striking workers on the point of entry into the UK.”

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