Official of the UK Border Force detained for being an illegal migrant who came 20 years ago

Official of the UK Border Force detained for being an illegal migrant who entered 20 years ago

According to one insider, the arrest was the last thing the Border Force needed amid recent criticism of its effectiveness.

A guy working for the UK Border Force in Dover was detained on suspicion of immigration violations.

As soon as questions about the individual’s legal status were raised, Home Office authorities are said to have taken immediate action against him.

However, a source told The Sun, “allowing an alleged illegal migrant to infiltrate the ranks of your border agency is pretty embarrassing.”

“With all eyes on Border Force right now, this is the last thing they need.”

The guy, said to be in his 30s, is accused of lying about his nation of origin on papers to remain in the UK. He is said to have arrived in the UK some 20 years ago from the Balkans.

The controversy comes as over 45,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel this year. Official estimates revealed that 90 individuals made the perilous crossing from France on two tiny boats on Christmas Day.

Ministers are also seeking to tighten immigration laws in order to reduce the amount of legal immigrants entering the nation.

The UK government is also pressing Berlin to crack down on criminal organisations benefitting from the trafficking of migrants to the UK as a result of “weak” German regulations.

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