The calibre of police has been branded "catastrophic" by a former Scotland Yard investigator.

The calibre of police has been branded “catastrophic” by a former Scotland Yard investigator.

According to Peter Bleksley of GB News, many top police commanders are underperforming and the public is being let down.

Mr Bleksley informed Dawn Neesom of GB News: “The state of British policing is now quite frankly, so catastrophic in many regards.”

He went on to say, in response to numbers released yesterday concerning unsolved crimes: “If anybody is in any doubt, they only need to recall yesterday’s headline of 1,145,000 crimes of theft, burglary, not being investigated. That’s astonishing – a million thefts unsolved.”

“Unfortunately, our police are doing so much social work and mental health work at the moment that they really aren’t deploying the resources like they should do to the core principles of policing.”

“That is part of the reason why they’ve got themselves into such a tangle and is a major factor in why so many people on the streets of Britain, quite frankly do not feel safe.”

Mr Bleksley’s comments come after Labour set out their plans for how they would deal with crime if they won power.

The shadow justice minister, Steve Reed, has said that he would revise Tony Blair’s “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” tagline and prioritise prevention.

Reed said extending and enhancing the use of such sentences will fight reoffending rates and offer “a voice directly to victims”.

Labour wants to broaden the scope of community punishment labour beyond cleaning rubbish, decorating community centres, repairing churches, and removing graffiti.

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