Richard Tice of the Reform Party REJECTS UKIP's invitation to establish a new right-wing party

Richard Tice of the Reform Party REJECTS UKIP’s invitation to establish a new right-wing party

According to Rebecca Jane, Richard Tice rejected discussions about forming a new right-wing party from existing breakaway groups.

On GB News, the deputy leader of UKIP spoke with Philip Davies and Esther McVey on the political climate in the UK and the possibility of the formation of a single right-wing party to challenge the Conservative Party.

She disclosed that all breakaway parties, with the exception of Richard Tice’s Reform Party, had agreed to forge a “amalgamation” of the parties.

When questioned about the likelihood of UKIP, the Reform Party, and the Reclaim Party joining together to create a single party in 2023, she responded: “It’s a really good question all of the centre-right splinter parties do predominantly agree on the majority of issues, and we certainly do.

“So I was only made deputy about three months ago, and my first job was actually to try and start creating this alliance. And thankfully, we are getting somewhere with this. And I’m pretty excited for January because we’ve got more to come.

“I will say that every splinter party has agreed to potentially talk about an amalgamation, with the exception of one.

“Richard Tice has directly refused to have the conversation, which is very unfortunate because we’re being seen every single day. People are asking us to do this, to at least talk.

“Our point is, let’s just have the conversation and see where we can go. So we have started having the conversations. There is a plan potentially being put in place as to how we can all come together. But yes, the country needs one.

Asked if there is a name pencilled in for the newly formed party, Ms. Jane said: “I will say that we have a plan for that as well. We have a plan for who will be leader, how it will look and what the name will be. At the end of January, come back to me.”

It comes after an exclusive GB News survey showed that the Conservatives are lagging Labour by 26% as the new year approaches.

The Conservative Party is down to 19%, Liberal Democrats are at 8%, Greens are at 9%, and Reform are at 8% of the national vote. Labour is at 45%. The difference between the two parties has widened to 26 points as a result of the Conservatives’ three-point decline.

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