Numbers set to double – Former head of the Border Force calls for Channel migrants to be detained and rapidly removed from the UK.

The government has been urged to take significantly harder action against Channel migrants who are exploiting the UK asylum system, according to the former director general of Border Force.

According to Tony Smith, the Home Secretary must implement a “detention and fast-track removal process” in order to effectively address the small boat situation.

He asserted that a more effective strategy for assisting in disrupting the people traffickers’ economic model would be to imprison individuals who have no apparent claim to asylum and expedite their removal from the country.

In 2022, those criminal organisations moved 45,756 individuals across the English Channel. Over the last year, French authorities were able to stop more than 32,000 people from leaving the Normandy beaches, but the vast majority simply regrouped and attempted again.

According to Tony Smith, present government regulations are having little effect on the amount of people attempting the perilous crossing, and he anticipated that in the coming year, even more people will do so.

Later this month, the Home Office will take over management of the operation that the Royal Navy has been running for the past eight months to deal with Channel migrants.

Although the former prime minister Boris Johnson and his home secretary Priti Patel initially announced the Rwanda proposal in April of last year, no aircraft from the UK to Kigali have carried asylum seekers.

13,000 of the nearly 46,000 individuals who crossed the English Channel in 2017 were from Albania.

To expedite the transfer of asylum seekers from Albania, the UK government has inked a new agreement.

According to local ministers, the great majority of people leaving the peaceful nation in the western Balkans cannot have a valid asylum claim.

Suella Braverman, the home secretary, also charged that numerous Albanians who assert to have been trafficked into the UK against their will were “gaming the system.”

However, despite the most recent agreement with Tirana, very few Albanians who travelled over the English Channel in small boats have been sent back to their country.

James Daly, a Conservative lawmaker and member of the Home Affairs and Justice Committees, thinks that despite any seeming momentum, Rishi Sunak’s administration now has the necessary preparations in place to address the Channel Migrant Crisis.

“The global migration crisis is causing an unprecedented strain on our asylum system,” a government spokesperson said.

Authorities are already covertly preparing for up to twice as many arrivals in 2019 as they did in 2018.

“It would be politically disastrous if this year saw a record number of crossings.”

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