Councillor who covered up Rotherham rape gangs has top diversity and inclusion NHS position.

Councillor who covered up Rotherham rape gangs has top diversity and inclusion NHS position.

GB News has learned that a former Labour Party representative who was forced to resign from his cabinet position at Rotherham Council in 2015 over allegations that he ‘pushed back’ discussions on the ethnic makeup of grooming gangs now holds a senior diversity and inclusion manager position at a major NHS body. 

When Dame Louise Casey’s assessment of the council identified Mahroof Hussain and concluded that the authority was in “denial” and twisted by a culture of bullying, misogyny, and cover-ups, he became involved in the Rotherham grooming gangs scandal in 2015.

Hussain and later Deputy Leader Jahangir Akhtar were included in Casey’s assessment, which criticised top Pakistani council members for exercising “disproportionate influence.” 

GB News confirmed that Hussain’s involvement in the Rotherham cover-up did not prevent him from pursuing a career in the public sector. The disgraced politician is now employed by Health Education England as the National Diversity, Inclusion & Participation Manager.

Hussain was hired as the NHS Health Education England Regional Diversity & Inclusion Manager for the Midlands in October 2020, according to his LinkedIn page. 

Since Hussain resigned in disgrace from his Rotherham council position, GB News has discovered video showing him repeating anti-Semitic clichés that Jewish people rule society because of their “financial resources” while speaking on an Urdu-language news network.

A grooming gang survivor said: “He (Mahroof Hussain) should be outcast from society for his despicable work in Rotherham, and definitely not enjoying a salary funded by the taxpayer.”

Conservative MP Lucy Allan, who sits on the Health and Social Care Select Committee, told GB News: “I am deeply concerned that those in authority still do not listen to the voices of young women and girls who have been victims of child sexual exploitation.”

Speaking to GB News, A Labour Party spokesperson said: “All complaints are taken seriously and assessed in accordance with our rules and procedures.”

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