Sunak is accused of "reversing Brexit" and "showing true colours" by delaying the EU legislation bonfire.

Sunak is accused of “reversing Brexit” and “showing true colours” by delaying the EU legislation bonfire.

After it was said that the Prime Minister would be compelled by the House of Lords to give up plans for a bonfire of EU legislation, Rishi Sunak was accused of trying to undo Brexit.

Conservative lord and Brexit supporter Lord Cruddas said that the Prime Minister is “showing his true colours.”

By the end of 2023, the British statute book will no longer include up to 4,000 articles of law that were acquired from the EU, according to the government’s plan. Estimates indicate that thousands of officials would need to work full-time on studying the law, rendering the deadline as impossible.

According to a senior government source, it is “inevitable” that the proposals would be scrapped when the legislation reaches the Lords since peers have already expressed serious reservations.

Next month is anticipated to see this happen.

Mr Sunak is “showing his true colours – back under EU control, democracy be damned,” said Lord Cruddas in response to reports that the House of Lords will block the Brexit bonfire on Twitter.

He added: “No wonder they wanted [Boris Johnson] out of the way. It was always about reversing Brexit!!!”

Marco Longhi, a Conservative MP, earlier urged Mr Sunak to create a “bonfire of EU laws” since the clock is ticking on his opportunity to take advantage of Brexit.

Members of the Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs, including Mr Longhi, have cautioned that the UK public will “judge” the Conservative party based on its capacity to implement Brexit.

He stated: “What we absolutely must do is to deliver on the benefits of Brexit. The clock is ticking.”

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill clears the path for the repeal of any remaining EU laws in UK law by the end of 2023.

However, there have been concerns over whether the enormous bureaucratic work will be finished on time.

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