An ex-parliament boss reveals MEPs' "soft laws," escalating the EU corruption scandal.

An ex-parliament boss reveals MEPs’ “soft laws,” escalating the EU corruption scandal.

Following a request from Belgian legal authorities looking into a significant corruption scandal shaking EU politics, the president of the European Parliament was obliged to start an urgent process to remove the immunity of two MEPs. 

An ex-official of the European Parliament has criticised the EU institutions for having internal regulations that serve as nothing more than “fig leaves” for members to work under. 

The futures of MEPs are still in jeopardy as Qatari authorities are suspected of paying them to downplay labour rights issues prior to the World Cup. 

Emilio De Capitani, a former official in the Parliament, claims that internal regulations, which let MEPs to manage affairs essentially unchecked and unsanctioned, are the basis of the issue. 

The press office of the EU Parliament did not reveal the identities of the two MEPs.

Eva Kaili, a third member of parliament, has already been charged in the scandal, which is said to involve Qatari and Moroccan officials who are accused of using gifts and money to change economic and political decisions.

Kaili, a socialist MEP from Greece, has been detained since December 9.

Francesco Giorgi, a member of the European Parliament, and her spouse are in prison on similar accusations. 

After being charged, Kaili lost her position as vice president of the parliament. 
Giorgi’s former boss, a former EU senator named Pier Antonio Panzeri, is thought to have worked with Kaili and Giorgi.

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