James Cleverly states that work is moving “pretty fast” on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Following a meeting with his German counterpart on Thursday, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated that progress on the remaining concerns with the EU regarding the deal that regulates trade with Northern Ireland post Brexit is proceeding “pretty fast.”

This stance was shared by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who assumed office in October and expressed optimism for resolving the hated disagreement in December.

Technical discussions on the Northern Ireland Protocol, a provision of the Brexit agreement that imposed checks on some products going to the province from the rest of the United Kingdom, were restarted in October for the first time in seven months.

At a press conference, Cleverly declared, “We are moving pretty quickly and accomplishing a tremendous amount of good work.”

The European Union, according to Annalena Baerbock of Germany, was ready to be flexible on the subject.

The most recent negotiations between the EU and the UK had a really encouraging tone, she continued.

Cleverly responded that they “We are moving pretty fast and doing a huge amount of good work,” when asked if he was optimistic an agreement would be reached before the 25th anniversary of the Northern Ireland peace accord from 1998 in early April.

“There is definitely, definitely desire in the UK and across the EU to get a resolution on this,” he said.

As a result, beginning in January 2021, some products entering from the rest of the United Kingdom will need to pass through checks.

Or, as we used to chant in bars at Christmastime when I was a student: “Don’t look back in anger,” she added, echoing the song by the British rock band Oasis.

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