New data shows that migrant deportation planes are costing £8,000 for each passenger.

New data shows that migrant deportation planes are costing £8,000 for each passenger.

The cost of deportation flights for illegal immigrants and foreign criminals is at least £8,000 per individual in Britain.

The updated information, which was received through a Freedom of Information Act request, shows that it cost £11 million to get rid of people without legal status in the UK between January and October 2022.

Additionally, since 2020, up to £30 million has been spent on returning immigrants to their home countries.

“This is a jaw-dropping amount of taxpayers’ money for such little result,” said Alp Mehmet of Migration Watch UK.

In the first ten months of 2022, 54 planes were chartered to return 1,356 people to their home countries.

Many of those deported were criminals who had broken the law and couldn’t stay in the UK. The rest were people who had tried to get asylum but were turned down or were here without papers.

Only 4% of Britons are “completely” or “fairly” sure the government will address the problem of tiny boats crossing the English Channel, according to a recent People Polling study for GB News.

The Prime Minister’s ability to resolve the Channel problem is “no confidence at all,” according to more than half of British citizens.

In the most recent GB News survey, 54% of Britons said they had little confidence at all in Sunak’s ability to crack down on illegal immigration.

52 percent of Conservative voters and 72% of Labour supporters, respectively, say they are not at all sure.
“Immigration is becoming a make-or-break issue.”

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