Braverman is set to abandon Theresa May's 'woke' proposal for a taxpayer-funded migrant champion.

Braverman is set to abandon Theresa May’s ‘woke’ proposal for a taxpayer-funded migrant champion.

Theresa May promised to appoint a Commissioner for Migrants who would represent immigrants arriving to the UK, but Suella Braverman is planning to renege on that promise.

The contentious action, which infuriated many Tory backbenchers, was taken in response to the Windrush Scandal, in which it was discovered that documents of some individuals who had lawfully immigrated to the UK from the West Indies before 1973 had been misplaced.

The move was reportedly made by the Home Office, according to the Guardian, in what seems to be the latest effort by left-wing government officials to undermine Conservative efforts to curb immigration.

The commissioner’s job was to promote migrant causes and identify structural faults with the migration system. The office was created but never filled by Mrs May while she was prime minister.

Another promise made during the Windrush affair, which seems to have been abandoned, was to give the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration (ICIBI) more authority to punish border and immigration personnel.

If this is followed through, the action would be a component of Ms Braverman’s continuing efforts to curb both legal and illegal immigration.

She has already succeeded in getting Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister, to enact a strict new rule requiring the swift expulsion of anyone who enter the nation illegally and the continuation of deportations to Rwanda.

According to a person who spoke to the Guardian, Ms Braverman wants to “move on from the Windrush scandal” and may have found it “toxic.”

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