Glasgow’s Satanic Paedophile Ring molested youngsters for ten years, the court has heard.

A court heard that one youngster was placed into a freezer, microwave, and oven in an effort to kill her. 

The alleged child sex ring, which is supposed to have entailed witchcraft, attempted murder, and significant sexual assault, is reported to have involved eleven individuals. 

A 14-page indictment against seven men and four women details alleged offences that are said to have occurred between January 2010 and March 2020 at several locations in Glasgow. 

Two young girls and a young boy are accused of having been compelled to murder animals and forced to use a ouija board or other similar tool “to call on spirits and demons,” according to certain claims. 

Members of the gang, who are claimed to have been dressed in cloaks and devil horns, are accused of compelling the child to kill a budgie with a knife. 

Judge Lord Beckett predicted the whole trial may last up to seven weeks during a hearing on Friday (January 6), and many of the defence attorneys agreed that this was a “reasonable” estimate. 

To the court, the judge said: “There are so many people in the case there could be an unusual level of disruption.”

The Crown case alone, according to advocate depute Kath Harper, might take up to three weeks. 

At the hearing on Friday, none of the accused were in attendance. 

Before the case was called, many defence attorneys voiced their worries about a social media video related to the trial.

It was “potentially prejudicial,” he concluded. 

The Crown has the means to address this, and I would urge the Crown to do so, Lord Beckett said in response to the attorneys’ worries. 

The three youngsters were allegedly repeatedly raped by Mr Owens and Ms Lannery, as well as 15 other adults, at Thornlie-bank, Renfrewshire. 

It is alleged that Mr Brannan, Mr Gachagan, Mr Carr, Mr Clark, Mr Forbes, and Mr Watson exposed themselves and engaged in sex activities with a child while others cheered.

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  1. Grim reading – proves Satan is alive and thriving. How do human beings become such monsters? And so MANY of them in the one place/ same website.. How is it was they weren’t discovered sooner???

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