National security fears sparked after Chinese tracking device found in UK Government car.

National security fears sparked after Chinese tracking device found in UK Government car.

According to reports, a UK government vehicle included a covert Chinese monitoring device, raising concerns about national security.

The vehicles are used to carry government officials and diplomats.

According to a news story by the I the gadget was discovered when intelligence authorities searched vehicles in response to rising worries about spyware.

One SIM card with the ability to send location data was found in a search of government and diplomatic cars that turned up “disturbing things,” according to a senior security source.

The allegations were, however, brushed off by Chinese authorities as “groundless and sheer rumor,”  adding: “We are firmly opposed to political manipulation on normal economic and trade cooperation or any smear on Chinese enterprises.”

According to two intelligence sources, officials had intentionally disassembled British Government cars and searched them for Chinese monitoring SIMs to strengthen the UK’s defence against espionage from unfriendly powers.

During the searches, at least one hidden SIM card was discovered, a serving intelligence official informed the i.

The security officer informed the i that once the automobiles were “dismantled surgically down to the last nut and bolt,” “rather disturbing things” were discovered.

The inspections were conducted in light of mounting concerns that British ministers may have been the target of Chinese and Russian espionage agencies.

Senior Conservative backbencher Sir Iain Duncan Smith told the I: “I don’t know how much more the UK needs to know about the threat China poses to us all.”

A former senior intelligence official said that the danger was “huge” because foreign intelligence agencies want to use Chinese technology to find “backdoors.”

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