Brexiteer furious at latest EU concession to "Break up" the UK

Brexiteer furious at latest EU concession to “Break up” the UK

Brexiteers were incensed by James Cleverly’s most recent capitulation to the EU in the Brexit talks over Northern Ireland.

Ben Habib, a former MEP for the Brexit Party, has criticised the most recent deal agreed between London and Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol talks, claiming Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s concessions to the EU would be bad for British companies.

An deal on data sharing and EU access to British IT systems was praised by both parties as a crucial step in resolving the protocol dispute, which has prevented Northern Ireland from having a devolved powersharing administration since early last year.

But for Mr Habib, the agreement is another step toward the total dissolution of the UK. “Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal did what he had first described as unconscionable; it partitioned the UK with a border down the Irish Sea, leaving Northern Ireland in the EU,” the chairman of Brexit Watch told Express.

“The agreement this week between Maros Sefcovic and James Cleverly, giving the EU access to British IT systems, is another step in that direction.”

Next week, the two men will “take stock of progress.”
Following the meeting, a joint statement characterised it as “cordial and constructive.”

After the meeting, Mr Cleverly said in a tweet that “we share the same focus” on achieving the greatest result for Northern Ireland.

The data deal, according to Downing Street, is both “important step forward” and “a foundation for building further trust”.

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