Sadiq Khan will criticise "denial and avoidance" of Brexit's "immense damage" in Mansion House address.

Pro EU Sadiq Khan will criticise “denial and avoidance” of Brexit’s “immense damage” in Mansion House address.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is getting ready to deliver a speech in which he will condemn the government’s “denial and avoidance” of the “immense damage” that Brexit is causing to the nation.

He will push for a change away from the present “unnecessarily hardline version” of Brexit towards more alignment with Europe in a speech that he will deliver on Thursday at the Mansion House Government luncheon in London.

It is anticipated that the mayor will make the following statement: “I simply can’t keep quiet about the immense damage Brexit is doing.

“Ministers seem to have developed selective amnesia when it comes to one of the root causes of our problems. “

Although the criticism is directed at the Conservative Government, it has the potential to be seen as a disguised blow at the position that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has taken on Brexit. This comes from a prominent person of the Labour Party.

Mr Khan will outline how to “sensibly and maturely ameliorate the harm that is being done” by pointing to the negative impacts of Brexit on the economy, including a drop of GDP by 5.5%, as he makes his presentation.

He will declare that “after two years of denial and avoidance, we must now confront the hard truth: Brexit isn’t working.” He will say this because he plans to say it.

“We need greater alignment with our European neighbours – a shift from this extreme, hard Brexit we have now to a workable version that serves our economy and people.

“That includes having a pragmatic debate about the benefits of being a part of the customs union and the single market.”

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  1. Brexit nothing to do with his abysmal job of being London Mayor. Has managed that on his own. Brexit it nothing to do with in his role as mayor.
    The people if this country voted out and that should be Honoured. 😡😡😡😡

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