Remainer Anna Soubry labels Sunak's Tories the "Brexit Party" and Boris the "worst" Prime Minister ever.

Remainer Anna Soubry labels Sunak’s Tories the “Brexit Party” and Boris the “worst” Prime Minister this country’s ever seen.

A former Conservative Minister mockingly referred to Rishi Sunak’s Tories as the “Brexit Party” during Question Time.

The Broxtowe representative from 2010 to 2019, Anna Soubry, said that it was time for the “grown-ups” to take back control, although she spared Alex Chalk from her outburst.

She uttered: “This is a complete distraction.”

“The question that really we all should be debating is why we have a Government that is absolutely incapable of settling these strikes, which it does have a role in and sorting it out.”

“The answer is because we’ve got largely, Alex is one of the exceptions, a bunch of incompetents and we feel like we are being governed by teenagers.”

“And it’s about time we had the grown-ups back in charge.”

It was at this moment that Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce said she found it difficult to believe the former business minister had ever supported the Conservative Party.

She stated: “Anna it’s hard to believe you ever were a Conservative listening to you now.”

The former Change UK MP, who joined the Conservative Party in 1975, said that this was due to the party being “ideologically” pushed to the right and hijacked by the “Brexit Party.”

She said: “Well it’s because the Conservative Party is barely the party I joined all those years ago.”

“And, as I say, with the exception of Alex, it has been highjacked, it’s now the Brexit Party.”

“It’s been highjacked by people on the right and it has moved away from the centre ground.”

“Which is why it does not deserve to be in Government come the next general election.”

“It needs to be an opposition, regroup and go back to what it used to be which was a right centrist party.”

“But most importantly it was a party that you could trust with the economy, which was competent, honest and decent.”

“And we do not have those things in the Conservative Party anymore.”

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