Home Secretary tells Holocaust survivor she ‘won't apologise' for using the term ‘invasion' to describe the channel migrant crisis.

Home Secretary tells Holocaust survivor she ‘won’t apologise’ for using the descriptive term ‘invasion’ to describe the channel migrant crisis.

After a Holocaust survivor informed the Home Secretary that Suella Braverman’s depiction of migrants as a “invasion” was comparable to the terminology the Nazis used to justify killing her family, Suella Braverman declared she would not apologise for her words.

Joan Salter, 83, addressed Ms Braverman at a meeting in her Hampshire district of Fareham on Friday night.

Ms Salter compared Ms Braverman’s rhetoric on Illegal migrants trying to cross the English Channel to that of the Nazis during the Second World War. Ms Salter has received an MBE for her efforts on Holocaust education.

The organisation Freedom From Torture obtained video of the conversation in which Ms Salter was heard saying: “I am a child survivor of the Holocaust.

“In 1943, I was forced to flee my birthplace in Belgium and went across war-torn Europe and dangerous seas until I finally was able to come to the UK in 1947.

“When I hear you using words against refugees like ‘swarms’ and an ‘invasion’, I am reminded of the language used to dehumanise and justify the murder of my family and millions of others.

“Why do you find the need to use that kind of language?”

Regarding the “challenge” of illegal immigration, Ms Braverman thanked Ms Salter for her question and said that she “shared a huge amount of concern and sympathy,” noting that her own parents were not native British citizens.

Ms Braverman stated the following while discussing her parents: “They owe everything to this country and they have taught me a deep and profound love of Britain and British people.

“Their tolerance, their generosity, their decency, their fair play.

“That also means that we must not shy away from saying there is a problem.

“There is a huge problem that we have right now when it comes to illegal migration, the scale of which we have not known before.

“I won’t apologise for the language that I have used to demonstrate the scale of the problem.

“I see my job as being honest with the British people and honest for the British people.

“I’m not going to shy away from difficult truths nor am I going to conceal what is the reality that we are all watching.”

The UK’s recent immigration record, said Ms Braverman, made her “incredibly proud,” but she also said that “we have a problem with people exploiting our generosity, breaking our laws and undermining our system”.

“We must accept the enormity of the problem if we’ve got any chance of solving it,” she said.

Ms Braverman said less than a week into her position as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Home Secretary that her position was “about stopping the invasion on our southern coast.”

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