Since Rishi Sunak became PM, support for Reform UK in Blue Wall areas has doubled.

Since Rishi Sunak became PM, support for Reform UK in Blue Wall areas has doubled.

Since Rishi Sunak gained office, support for Reform UK in the Blue Wall has increased by double, according to recent polls.

In 42 strong Conservative seats in the wealthy south, Richard Tice’s right-wing party has raised its vote share to 6%.

The most recent data from Redfield & Wilton Strategies confirms national trends that have been unfolding since Mr Sunak’s election, such as the defection of Tories who supported Liz Truss’s economic growth platform, which is broadly supported by Reform UK, and who have grown tired of the size of the current Prime Minister’s tax increases.

In the company’s prior comparable survey, which was conducted between November 21 and 22, Reform UK was only at 3%.

Redfield & Wilton’s analysis revealed that 54% of Blue Wall voters who supported the Tories under Boris Johnson in the 2019 general election will continue to support the party.

While 15% stated they would vote for Labour and 3% said they would transfer to the Liberal Democrats, 9% of them said they would support Reform UK instead.

Given that Labour has a 10-point advantage over the Tories, the research’s results may be of concern to Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) (40 percent to 30 percent). With 49.8% of the vote share in 2019, the Tories won every one of the 42 seats.

Constituents supported the Liberal Democrats by 27.4%, while Labour received 20.6% of the vote.

The Brexit Party, the former incarnation of Reform UK, whose leader Nigel Farage opted not to run for the 317 seats gained by the Conservatives in 2017, supported the Conservatives during the most recent election.

Mr Tice has stated that he would never consider reaching another agreement with the Conservatives in order to keep Labour out of power the next time.

He stated earlier this month that the 2019 agreement between Mr Farage and Mr  Johnson still left him bearing the scars on his back and that Britain was in a “state of national emergency” as a result of the previous 13 years of Conservative government.

According to a YouGov poll released on Monday, Reform UK has a consistent nine percent of the public vote, just two points behind the Liberal Democrats.

As Mr Sunak attempts to refocus his premiership and fulfil his “five pledges” before the country goes to the polls, which is widely anticipated to be next year, it also revealed that the Conservatives continue to lag behind Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour by a significant margin, at 25% and 47%, respectively.

Reform UK received 9% of the vote in a study conducted by the company People Polling in December, which is over half of the 20% vote share for the Tories.

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