Tony Blair slams 'unforgivable and stupid' opponents of wearing masks to combat Covid.

Tony Blair slams ‘unforgivable and stupid’ opponents of wearing masks to combat Covid.

Former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair spoke on a panel this morning in Davos on how to prepare for the next pandemic after Covid.

Sir Tony Blair used his World Economic Forum (WEF) platform to rail against politicians who made wearing a mask during the Covid outbreak a political issue.

The former Prime Minister was speaking on a panel at the annual meeting of the world’s most influential political leaders, as well as billionaires and influencers, and made remarks that looked to be an indirect assault on leading Republicans in the United States, such as Donald Trump.

Mr Blair, though, reminded the gathering that “there is forgivable and unforgivable politics,” an obvious dig at critics of some of the severe measures, such as mask and vaccination mandates.

“Unforgivable politics is turning a public health issue into a political issue,” he remarked.

“That is unforgivable and stupid.”

Sir Tony further reminded the audience that “Covid is now in the rearview mirror” for the majority of the world’s leaders.

“People in Downing Street believe me, are not talking about Covid,” he remarked.

He stated that the key now was to persuade the leaders of the G7 and G20 richest countries to discuss about rolling out vaccinations to wipe off some of the world’s worst diseases.

Sir Tony’s remarks will help those who say that the WEF is a venue for forcing people to do things they don’t want to do.

Tagging along with Tony Blair in Davos is Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who is meant to be addressing the World Economic Forum today. Rishi Sunak will not be attending the event.

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