Tucker Carlson labels Jacinda Ardern the ‘Covid-crazed lock-down queen’ as she resigns as New Zealand PM.

Jacinda Ardern, who is known by many as the most authoritarian WEF supporting leader of New Zealand has resigned before the axe fell on her diminished premiership. 

The “Covid-Crazed” leader who single handedly shut down her whole country for one case of the covid variant was last night in tears as she told the worlds press that she was going to resign as NZ PM.

Her heavy handed Chinese style rule tanked her support and her countries economy as people vowed never to go back to the darkest days of Covid where people turned on each other.

Under Ardern’s reign, people were sent to quarantine camps automatically if they didn’t take a test, this method was used by the failed PM as an incentive to test on demand. Also people who didn’t have the experimental mRNA vaccine were cast as outsiders to society as they lost medical care, their jobs and their right to a normal life. 

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