New guidance issued to immigration officers as Sunak attempts to get tough on immigration offenders.

With new guidance being issued to UK immigration officers from the Home Office, the removal of those EU nationals who are working in the UK illegally could be detained and deported much quicker than before. 

This was aired after GB News gained exclusive access to tag along with immigration officers as they raided various establishment’s in London. 

During the raids two EU citizens from Romaina without UK work visas were detained and led away. They were later interviewed with one man being arrested on suspicion of working in the UK illegally. 

It was reported by a senior immigration officer that the new guidance had been introduced this week and meant those from the EU living and working in the UK illegally would be arrested and removed. 

Tough speaking Tory MP, Lee Anderso, who is a vocal member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee approved the tough approach, saying: “EU citizens who are here and they’re working when they should not be working, then quite frankly, they’re breaking the law.

“And my view on anybody who’s here breaking the law from another country is they should be sent home pretty much straight away.

“It’s a big problem we’ve got. We don’t know how many people have got into this country and are working in the black economy.

“I believe this is happening up and down the country in every town and village and city, there’s this hidden population of people who are working that should not be working.

“It’s great news that this guidance is making sure that wherever you’re from, even if you’re from the EU, you get sent home, that that’s got to be welcome news.”

Since leaving the EU, EU nationals now have to have the correct visas if they want to work and live in the UK. Before this week’s improved guidance, only EU nationals arriving in the UK who were suspected of wanting to work in the UK could be detained. Now, those who are in the UK illegally from the EU are eligible for arrest and deportation. 

Many Tories say this new approach is so that Rishi Sunak is seen to be doing something about those breaking the law to gain access into the UK. 

Along with the raids in London, 26 Albanians criminals and immigration offenders were also deported. 

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