Labour’s Sadiq Khan angered as, Keir Starmer says "no case" for rejoining the EU.

Labour’s Sadiq Khan angered as, Keir Starmer says “no case” for rejoining the EU.

A stir has been generated in the Labour Party after a Brexit split emerged from prominent figures both wanting two different outcomes.

While pro-remain advocate Keir Starmer admits that he wanted to remain in the EU, he has recently been promoting the notion that there is no case for going back into the bloc. Yet the Labour leader has also stated that he wants an extremely close relationship with the EU.

Appearing on BBC Newsnight, Mr Starmer said: “We would accept that the deal [Boris] Johnson got is not a good deal, and you can see the impact it is having on our economy.”

“And that is why we have been clear we want a closer relationship with the EU. That starts with the protocol in Northern Ireland.

“It then goes into a discussion about how close we can be.”

On the other hand, London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, has been blasting away against Britain’s exit from the bloc, advocating that under a Labour government, Keir Starmer should be pressured to go back into the single market, meaning free movement of people into the UK, and the UK aligning with EU laws made in Brussels.

This clash of two figures has gotten people thinking. Though this looks on the surface to be a battle between two prominent Labour figures, it seems their strategy is to play to both sides of the Brexit coin, hoping to collect votes from Remainers and Brexiteers along the way.

Both Labour figures want an extremely close relationship with the EU, with only Starmer saying there is no case to rejoin the bloc to entice Brexiteer votes. Will this strategy of playing both sides work? 

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  1. It doesn’t matter which party is in power, Labour or Conservatives, all but a few of the MPs are remainers, this is why we are still holding on to the EUs apron strings, most of them will not accept the democratic outcome of the people, most of them lied to land a 4 year term in office, but the next general election will change that.

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