Six men have been convicted after police ended the 'Tiger Line' heroin and crack cocaine enterprise.

Six men have been convicted after police ended the ‘Tiger Line’ heroin and crack cocaine enterprise.

Officers confiscated tens of thousands of pounds in drugs and cash after bringing down the network operating in Burnley in 2021.

Judge Sara Dodd sentenced six of the nine individuals involved to prison for a total of 24 years and six months on Friday (January 20).

The remaining three were given suspended sentences.

Mohammed Shafi, 36, of Ormerod Road, Burnley, was sentenced to 22 months in prison with 18 months suspended for conspiracy to supply class A narcotics.

In Burnley, police executed warrants to apprehend several of individuals implicated in the Tiger Line. Aaron Hanson, 19, of Plover Street, Burnley, was sentenced to a 12-month suspended sentence for his involvement in the sale of class A drugs.

Viliam Stas, 23, of Clough Road, Nelson, was sentenced to one year and seven months in prison, suspended for a year, for his involvement in the supply of class A narcotics.

Officers became aware of the operation in February after seeing a man selling drugs near Abel Street in Burnley.

As a result, they encountered more and more heroin and crack cocaine drug trades, tying together the gang behind the ‘Tiger Line,’ with the final offender being captured six months later in August.

Officers recovered a total of 107.35 grammes of diamorphine, often known as heroin, and 44.5 grammes of crack cocaine during the operation.

They also found £22,850 in cash, weapons such as a knuckle duster, machete, and hammer, and drug paraphernalia such as scales and snap bags.

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