Lammy flustered as an audience member questions him on Labour's 'stupid' Brexit approach.

David Lammy confronted by remainer who questions him on Labour’s ‘STUPID’ Brexit strategy.

Labour’s stance on Brexit is that it will not return the UK to the EU’s single market or customs union.

Following criticism that Labour’s Brexit strategy was “so stupid,” David Lammy was confronted about it today.

Following the shadow foreign secretary’s address at Chatham House in London, an audience member made the complaint.

Mr Lammy responded to the issue by defending Labour’s position of not entering the EU’s single market or customs union under a Sir Keir Starmer government.

Labour is “not afraid” to speak out against the “damage the Government’s bad Brexit deal has done to our economy,” according to the shadow cabinet minister.

He said: “Investment down, growth sluggish or non-existent, 45 percent of businesses say they are having difficulties trading with the EU, the number exporting to Europe has fallen by a third.”

While reconnecting with Brussels in political or economic terms would be a “red line” for Labour, Mr Lammy said his party would “aim to fix the Tories’ bad Brexit deal to increase trade with Europe”.

He said that this would include modifying the Northern Ireland Protocol and decreasing trade tariffs on food, agricultural, medicinal, and veterinary commodities.

He also stated a 2025 review of the UK-EU trade pact might be used to “reduce barriers to trade”.

It comes at a time when Sir Keir, who campaigned for Remain in 2016 before campaigning for a second vote, has adopted a harder position on Brexit.

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  1. It is sbout time all MPs stop playing around with our lives and work for mother land and do not take us back into these cowboys of the EU. It has been a number of years since we voted to leave the EU and our Government has done nil about putting Briton back on the map? And they blam everyone other than their selfs in the way thing are. They (MPs) forget they are employered by us the taxpayer and it is about time they do as their told and work to get the UK back on her feet. If they do not want to do as they are told by us their employer then give up their seat as a MP and let someone in to do what we asked no told to finaly leave they EU control. Look at the other day, our fisherman were told they could fish in UK waters? What is happening we are still controled by these cowboys of the EU.

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