Nigel Farage calls David Lammy a "fanatical rejoiner" as he deconstructs Labour's Brexit strategy.

Nigel Farage calls David Lammy a “fanatical rejoiner” as he deconstructs Labour’s Brexit strategy.

Nigel Farage called David Lammy a “fanatical EU rejoiner” tonight as he ripped apart Labour’s Brexit strategy.

“What he’s really talking about is full-blown Brexit in name only when we align ourselves as closely as possible to pretty much everything the EU does.”

In a speech earlier today at Chatham House, the shadow foreign secretary said that under a Sir Keir Starmer administration, the party would try to expand trade and strengthen ties with Brussels, but would not enter the single market or customs union.

“And he even compared the European Research Group, that backbench group of Eurosceptics in the Conservative Party, he even compared them to Nazis and when he was challenged on it he said that term possibly wasn’t strong enough.

But Mr Farage said Labour’s proposal is “full-blown Brexit in name only” which will see Britain “align ourselves as closely as possible to pretty much everything the EU does”.

“But the language is pretty clear, he wants to reconnect with Europe. We won’t, that isn’t going to happen, but effectively it will not be Brexit at all.

Mr Lammy said Labour is “not afraid” to speak about the “damage the Government’s bad Brexit deal has done to our economy”.

“In his speech, Mr Lammy insisted Labour will seek to “fix the Tories’ bad Brexit deal” if voted into power at the next general election.”

He said: “Investment down, growth sluggish or non-existent, 45 percent of businesses say they are having difficulties trading with the EU, the number exporting to Europe has fallen by a third. In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, this is a scandal.”

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