Plain-clothed military personnel patrol the beaches around Kent as Channel migrants head to UK shores. 

As an estimated 1000 Channel migrants headed to Britain’s shores yesterday, GB News Mark White produced an exclusive report from the docks around Dover observing and documenting what went on.

Mark White noted that the UK military has been extremely busy in the Channel to round up all the small boats that set off from France heading for the UK. There were multiple round ups by the various military and border force vessels throughout the whole day.

As the weather turns ugly in the Channel, there may be a lull in the crossings all the while boats are being prepared and migrants groupes by traffickers to make another surge to Britain when the weather calms on the English Chamnel. 

3 thoughts on “Plain-clothed military personnel patrol the beaches around Kent as Channel migrants head to UK shores. 

  1. This is very Frightening for the families living close to Kent beaches, To have illegal immigrants banging on their doors to intimidate and threaten the locals is absolutely Disgusting, The Government are allowing these illegals to do this, They have got to be stopped from coming here by any means possible, with force and by the Army, Our Citizens are our Priority.

  2. This corrupt governments don’t care until the British people raise up and they will as the British people will only stand so much crap from these less than useless MPs and that thick sh** head Sunak, none of them live near these scroungers and they are not refugees, because they have come through a number of safe countries to get to the honeypot of money and freebees

  3. “Plain clothed military patroling kent beaches”—- Is that supposed to make all the eldely ladies hiding behinde the curtains feel safer ?—More smoke and mirrors from the gutless British Government , the patrols are there to locate straggler dingys who can then be picked up by luxury travle bus and taken straight to the five star hotel.UK as we know it is DOOOOOOOMED !!!!!!

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