Rishi Sunak to hold an emergency meeting to address the electoral threat posed by Reform UK.

Rishi Sunak is thought to be convening an emergency meeting with other Tory high brass today, fearing a big electoral threat from Reform UK.

In an effort to restore faith, leading Conservative Party members will gather tomorrow at Chequers to devise a strategy to halt losing support and to counter the threat posed by Reform UK.

The three primary areas where people have lost faith in Rishi Sunak’s government are funding for rundown areas (Leveling up), dealing with the ongoing creeping inflation, and the never-ending migrant crisis.

The Tory leadership aims to devise a strategy to pledge to do better in addressing these issues in the hopes of regaining support from Richard Tice’s Reform UK.

With roughly 46,000 illegal migrants crossing the Channel into Britain last year, trust in the Conservatives to secure UK borders has plummeted like a lead weight.

The growth in support for Reform UK in their internal polls is the basis for the Tories’ extreme dread of electoral annihilation.

To make matters worse for Rishi, it is now widely known that Richard Tice and his party have been in talks with a number of disgruntled Conservatives who are considering joining Reform UK.

Though Reform UK may not win many seats, the votes they receive and those who do not vote for the Conservatives because they do not trust Rishi Sunak may result in Labour and other Liberal parties joining forces to capture power in Westminster.

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  1. Merge with and adopt Reforms Manifesto for they are blindingly obviously what the vast majority of the electorate want and will vote for. Otherwise Tories are doomed. BTW, Hunt is the Globalists man in place, sack him now!

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