Boris Johnson warns, if Labour wins the next General Election, they would ‘suck the UK back into the EU’

Boris Johnson warns, if Labour wins the next General Election, they would ‘suck the UK back into the EU’

Boris Johnson used his upcoming interview with Nadine Dorries on TalkTV to attack Labour over Brexit. He said that Sir Keir Starmer will allow the UK to be “sucked back into the EU.”

In the first episode of Nadine Dorries’ Friday night programme, the former prime minister will allegedly advise the nation against voting for Labour in the next general election.

In his interview, Boris Johnson also expressed optimism that the government will seek to reduce taxes in the near future.

The Sun stated that some of Mr Johnson’s remarks would run on the former culture secretary’s new TalkTV talk programme.

On the first episode of Friday Night With Nadine, the former prime minister will talk to Nadine in a way that has never been done before.

The publication noted that Mr Johnson stated that Labour would be “gravitationally sucked” back into the EU’s orbit if it won the next election. These remarks were made ahead of the third anniversary of the United Kingdom’s exit from the union.

He said: “I think that you’d have a very interesting situation, they would be gravitationally sucked back into the orbit of the EU.

“I think that would be very wrong for the country.

“It would lose us a lot of opportunities that we currently have.”

Predicting good things for his party in the months to come, Mr Johnson said: “The economy will start to improve, inflation will come down, people will reward the Conservative Party, they will reward the Government for being sensible, for cutting their taxes and for getting things done that they need done.

“Certainly what I can say with confidence is that the fiscal position was pretty robust when I left office, we had scope to do all sorts of things and we were going to do them.

“And I have no doubt that when the time comes, the Government will make sure that they start to reduce the tax burden and get the economy growing again and that is what needs to happen.”

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of the United Kingdom rejoining the European Union or reentering the single market, while simultaneously criticising the agreement that Mr Johnson negotiated between London and Brussels.

The Northern Ireland Protocol, which Mr Johnson signed as part of his Brexit agreement, remains a source of concern between the United Kingdom and the European Union as both parties seek a solution.

The disagreement over the protocol, which unionists say creates a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, was the main reason why powersharing in Stormont broke down.

Ms Dorries’s new programme placed her in hot water with Parliament’s anti-corruption watchdog after she was accused of violating Government regulations by not informing the body before accepting her new position at TalkTV.

Lord Pickles, head of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba), said that “failing to seek and await advice before the role was announced or taken up in this case is a breach of the Government’s rules and the requirements set out in the Ministerial Code”.

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