Brexit is NOT to blame for Britain’s troubles, according to a leading economist – ‘But we do need to DELIVER it!’

After remain supporters in the establishment claim that the UK’s current economic challenges are the result of Brexit, a former economic adviser to Boris Johnson responds.

Dr Gerard Lyons told GB News that Britain’s problems predate the country’s exit from the EU.

Mr Lyons went on to say that those who wish to reverse Brexit by going back into the EU would make things even worse.

Speaking on the Camilla Tominey show, Mr Lyons said: “Mark Carney often talk going back, for instance, into the EU.

“Now, some people say that Brexit has made them worse. I would disagree. Certainly the political crisis from 2016 to 2019 didn’t help.

“But at the same time, the Government really needs to follow through on Brexit.”

Talking about the current economic problems hitting the UK Mr Lyons went in to say: “This is a challenge facing not just the Western world but Western Europe in particular.

“What we see with the markets at the moment is that they are more optimistic about the global economy.

“The challenge is that in Western Europe, especially with ageing populations, we are not achieving the economic growth that we need to achieve.

“That’s why we need to have sensible growth policies. Taxes are part of this, but we shouldn’t always make tax the most important issue. We need to be investing more.”

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