Nigel Farage says UK workers must again challenge Westminster's political establishment to bring about change.

Nigel Farage says UK workers must again challenge Westminster’s political establishment to bring about change.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit movement, stated that in order for a true alternative to emerge and provide the public with the fiscally and socially responsible policies he believes they desire, the working people of the United Kingdom will once more need to stand up to the political class in Westminster.

“We need a political revolution, an even bigger one than Brexit to turn this all around, whether the country is ready for it, I don’t know,” he told Steven Edginton of London’s Daily Telegraph.

The Brexiteer described his idea of what the prospective revolution may entail, claiming that it won’t be Thatcherite in nature since that kind of conservatism was appropriate for a different period of time.

Instead, according to Mr Farage, it would need to be run by “people who work,” the nation’s citizens who “pay an ever-increasing amount of tax into a system for an ever-increasing number of people who refuse to work or don’t want to work.”

He said that the main issue with the Conservatives is that they “lie every election,” claiming to support small-c conservative ideals like defending the nation’s borders and sticking up for local companies, but once in office, act as “globalists.”

“It’s the shared dishonesty of the Conservatives at every election that really gets me down. I would love to see them replaced I would love to see them go,” Mr Farage said.

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