Guy Verhofstadt, an EU MEP, believes the UK will rejoin the EU within the next five years.

As the Conservatives continue to fail to fully implement the benefits of Brexit, some in Brussels are now wagering on the UK returning under the rule of EU beautocrats within the next five years.

This morning, anti-Brexit MEP and former Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, has said the UK and Ukraine will be joining the EU within the next 5 years.

It’s as if the Conservatives are purposefully sabotaging their prospects of regaining No.10 by refusing to address the migrant crisis with real action and pushing ahead with a high-tax plan that is ruining people’s lives. It’s as if those in power want to energise those who say Brexit has been a disaster for the UK. The right question to ask is, Is this all by design by the deep state to deliberately knock out the Tories and get us back into the EU under Labour?

With Labour’s battle for No.10 aided by the Tories’ ongoing crises, even if they claim that under Labour, the UK would not return to the EU or the Single Market, you can be certain that the UK will be signed up to EU schemes and subject to EU rules, putting the UK in the orbit of those in Brussels.

2 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt, an EU MEP, believes the UK will rejoin the EU within the next five years.

  1. Everything seems to be pointing in that direction, every leader we have had since the referendum, have talked the talk, but all of them are reluctant to sever the apron strings, what is the problem with our elected parliament? this is supposed to be a democratic country, the vote we had was a democratic vote, so why do parliament continue to thwart the will of the people?

  2. If the Government which ever they are at the time does this after the vote was taken to leave the EU even how the % was small it was take us back into these Cowboys they should be told by us the taxpayer ( their employer ) to give up their post as the UK Government.
    If it was on the other foot and the Remainers had the low % on to stay in the EU and none Remainers protesters then the Remainers would say they had the % and tell None Remainers to take running jump.
    Then the Remainers should do the a running jump and back off.

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