British fishermen 'sold down the river' as EU vessels continue to plunder UK waters

British fishermen ‘sold down the river’ as EU vessels continue to plunder UK waters

Three years after leaving the EU, fishermen from Leigh-on-Sea reiterate that the promises spouted during Boris Johnson’s leave campaign to regain UK waters after leaving the EU were never kept.

Vote Leave promised, that after we exited the EU, radical reforms would be implemented to help rebuild the fishing industry in the UK. Fishermen up and down the country were promised a massive increase in quota shares and new jobs for fishing communities, but this has been far from the truth.

Local fishermen from Leigh-on-Sea are eager for the UK government to retake control of its waters off the British coast as EU trawlers continue to plunder UK seas with their factory fishing ships.

One local fisherman told the Express: “I supported Brexit. We wanted our sovereignty back, and we were hoping to gain back the full 12-mile limit and our quotas back.”

“The Government are now unsure whether they are going to keep that 12-mile limit, and they just let foreign boats back in here to fish.”

“People are a bit nervous now about what could happen if the European boats keep their access. We didn’t get what we bargained for.”

One of the selling points as to why fishermen voted to leave the EU was to regain control of its 12-mile-long waters off the British coastline. Instead, under Boris Johnson’s deal, Britain only retained 25% of the then EU quota, leaving the lion’s share to EU fishermen.

Boris Johnson’s deal stands till 2026, when annual negotiations on fisheries will be held. Even after the deadline has passed, according to Mark Spencer, the UK fisheries minister, there is no guarantee from the UK government that the UK will finally regain its 12 nautical mile limit.

Though British fishermen did see a slight increase in their quota, they are extremely disappointed that the UK still allows EU fishermen to catch fish in UK waters, for them to return to the EU to land their catch instead of landing it in the UK, meaning more jobs for local people.



2 thoughts on “British fishermen ‘sold down the river’ as EU vessels continue to plunder UK waters

  1. This government dose not want to leave the EU ruling they selling the people of the UK down the river again 3 years now. Once again I say and I have said it many time we the taxpayer are the Con Government employer and they are not doing what they were told 3 years ago, they sitting back waiting to return back into these cowboys of the EU and the EU only want the UK back for our money being the beigest payer into the EU so the Euro MPs can get paid for not doing a lot of work and of course they did not get voted in by their people of their country. The people of the EU counties were asked do they know their EU Rep and did they have a vote on those they wanted in the EU Government and 100% of them said NO they were not asked to vote for who they want within.
    If this government the Con Club and not only them but Lab takes the UK back into the EU then your find a change in Government in the next election and most of those vote to leave the EU will be voting for the new party which everyone know about by now and then the UK can start to get back on her feet again when it should have happen 3 years ago.
    The British Country is the peoples Country NOT the EU land so lets see if these MPs and the PM can start work for the people of UK if not, as your employer leave your post and give our taxes ( your income ) back to us so we can employ the right people to do the job that you find it hard to do and take our money for doing nothing for the last 3 years.

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