Michel Barnier is eyeing Starmer as the future Prime Minister as the EU fawns over the 'European' Labour leader.

Michel Barnier is eyeing Starmer as the future UK Prime Minister as the EU fawns over the ‘European’ Labour leader.

As the EU gets behind the anti-Brexit leader of the Labour Party, their former Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has said that Keir Starmer is a true ‘European’.

On LBC, the former EU Brexit negotiator expressed confidence in the Labour leader, saying he “respects” and believes Mr Starmer “has the capacity to be Prime Minister.”

Mr Barnier went on to say that though the Labour leader wants a dynamic alignment with different sectors within the EU, the door will remain ‘open’ for new relations.

Brussels can see that even though Keir Starmer states he doesn’t want to rejoin the EU, it’s clear he does want an alignment with EU laws under his dog whistle sound bite “make Brexit work.”

When asked on LBC Andrew Marr show about Keir Starmer, Michel Barnier said: “I met several times Keir Starmer when he was on the side of the leader of the Labour Party, and I have a respect for him.”

“I wrote my book; on our last meeting, he seems to me that he has the capacity to be the Prime Minister of UK… And I think he’s a European.”

He was then questioned over what he meant by labelling Keir Starmer a true ‘European’?

Mr Barnier said: “I think that Keir Starmer as many, many politicians, even in the Tory Party, know that to face some global challenges, we have to work at a European level.”

“Even if UK or Norway or Switzerland… we need to work as a continent to face some global challenges. Better together than alone.”

Going into more detail regarding the EU’s door being open to Keir Starmer for closer alignment to the EU, Mr Barnier said: “The door is open for new relations.”

“The door is open, but one point is clear, we will not accept any kind of cherry-picking from the single market and Keir Starmer knows this point.”

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