Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson saying ‘he dropped the ball on Brexit’

Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson saying ‘he dropped the ball on Brexit’

Since we left the EU three years ago, Nigel Farage has reflected on leaving the EU, saying, under the Boris Johnson government, he dropped the ball on Brexit.

Lastnight (Tuesday 31st Jan), Nigel Farage slammed the Tories over their handling of Brexit. He stated voters have every right to feel let down by the Government.

Speaking to Bev Turner on GB News, Nigel said: “The Conservative Party, who fought against it all the way, then landed us with a very bad deal.”

“Boris Johnson told us it was oven-ready. I mean, the oven wasn’t even preheated, frankly, and I just don’t think they ever really believed in it.”

Mr Farage continued to remind people that controlling the border was one of the main pillars of the Brexit campaign. The former Brexit Party leader said: “The reason the turnout in that referendum was about 10 per cent higher than all the experts thought it would be.”

“There was one piece of sovereignty that people really demanded was sorted out, and that was Britain’s borders.”

“If you look today, levels of legal immigration are far higher than they were as European Union members, let alone the 45,000 people that crossed the English Channel in small dinghies last year.”

“I think people who voted Brexit to get back control of our borders have every right today, three years on, to feel betrayed by this Government.”

He then spoke about the threat to Brexit posed by the Labour Party, which wants the UK aligned with the EU. Nigel said: “Well, I think the message that we’re getting from the Government is that a deal is close on Northern Ireland.”

“Which will mean, I’m almost certain that constitutionally Ireland will just not be fully part of the United Kingdom.”

“The message I get from David Lammy, particularly from Labour, is whilst he says, on the one hand we will not rejoin the single market or the European Union, we’ll rejoin virtually every other group will align ourselves to their rules”.

On Labour, Mr Farage continued to say: “Assuming that Labour wins the next election, which I think is a fairly good bet, we’ll finish up with a full BRINO. A full Brexit in name only.”

“We will be independent, but our room for manoeuvre, if we mirror everything the EU does, will be very, very limited.”

“That will lead down the path to some saying, ‘well, look, if we’re having to accept EU laws, maybe we should be in there having a say’.”

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