Tory MP speaks of abolishing the House of Lords if peers continue to try to derail Brexit reforms.

Tory MP speaks of abolishing the House of Lords if peers continue to try to derail Brexit reforms.

As some Brexit supporting Tories met at a private party in Westminster to celebrate leaving the EU on its third anniversary, the MPs reiterate what the majority of Brexiteers think when they say Brexit is not yet done. 

It’s been reported, that one idea that was pushed at the gathering last night, was to abolish the House of Lords if it continues to block reforms to allow Brexit Britain to prosper. This was pushed by David Jones, who is the deputy chairman of the ERG (European Research Group). 

The MP for Clwyd West in North Wales, David Jones, said that Brexit is “not yet done.”

Mr Jones went on to say that “we have spent years slogging through the lobby to recover our sovereignty and we have almost succeeded.”

“In fact we have succeeded but it’s only 90 percent.”

“The bit we haven’t succeeded on is Northern Ireland.”

“Northern Ireland is the booby trap which the EU left behind when they ultimately acknowledged that we wanted to go.”

“Northern Ireland is now the back door into the UK and is in the unfortunate position of being governed by a foreign administration that is producing shed loads of laws without any representation from Northern Ireland.”

He further argued that the EU’s influence over Northern Ireland prevents other big reforms, like as deregulation and VAT reductions, from taking place since the EU may veto them in the province.

And Mr Jones slammed peers like Rejoiner Lord Adonis for exploiting their unelected status to oppose the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, which would have resolved the problem.

He said: “I think that the first big challenge of the European Foundation is to make sure that the government understands that we will not accept anything less than the full restoration of Northern Ireland as part of a sovereign UK.”

“We should be putting as much pressure on the government to crack on with the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill to push it through the House of Lords, to tell the Lords that if they don’t pass it then we will invoke the Parliament Act [to bypass peers] ad if necessary we will consider abolishing them.”

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