‘God is neither male nor female,’ says the Church of England, as it considers gender-neutral wording.

The new project, which will be managed by two religious groups, will begin in the spring.

Any changes would be a departure from traditional Jewish and Christian teachings, yet others are already criticising the prospect of change.

The Church of England is debating whether to stop referring to God as “he” after priests raised concerns about the usage of gender-neutral language.

The question, which has long been debated among Christians, is now being investigated by two commissioners in a new collaborative effort.

Rev Joanna Stobart, vicar of Ilminster and Whitelackington in Somerset, called for an update on “more inclusive language” in Church of England services and to refer to God in a “non-gendered way” during synod.

Although the project’s goal and outcome remain unknown, some have already reacted to the likelihood of alterations.

According to Rev Dr Ian Paul, any change would be an abandoning of the Church’s own theology. He added that it would mean changing the theology of the Church away from being “grounded in the scriptures”.

For decades, there have been calls to stop referring to God as “He,” “Him,” and “Our Father,” according to the publication.

Sky News reported a representative for the Church of England as saying that there has been a greater interest in exploring new language in the last 20 years, but wanted to make clear there were no plans to “abolish or substantially change existing sanctioned liturgies”.

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