David Davis erupts in anger as the UK is fined £2.3 billion by the EU three years after Brexit.

David Davis erupts in anger as the UK is fined £2.3 billion by the EU three years after Brexit.

David Davis, who served as the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union from 2016 to 2018, spoke to the Daily Express.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has issued a furious criticism of the European Union after the UK was fined £2.3billion following a customs dispute with the bloc.

The European Court of Justice found the UK had been negligent when it allowed criminal gangs to flood the bloc with cheap Chinese goods.

The Haltemprice and Howdeny MP said the judgement is “one more validation of the reasons we have left the European Union”.

He said he is “not remotely persuaded” that the decision was a “fair judgement”.

“Whilst it is understandable that the Treasury wants to put these things behind us, I am not remotely persuaded that this was a fair judgement.”

The fine paid on February 6 is separate from the UK’s Brexit “Divorce Bill”, which sees the UK make a series of payments to the European Union, as part of the deal to leave the bloc.

From January 2021, the estimated bill was £25bn left to pay by 2057, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), almost £18bn of which will be paid in the first five years.

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3 thoughts on “David Davis erupts in anger as the UK is fined £2.3 billion by the EU three years after Brexit.

  1. What is happening here, we are still being controlled by the EU. This a problem with our Government allowing this Cowboys of the EU telling the UK what to do and still wanting our money like they have done while the UK were part of them. It is about time our MPs and the PM who have shown they have no back bone to tell the EU to take a running jump. Let vote for person and new party in that has a big back bone to look after our mother land THE UNTIED KINGDOM. NOT THE MONEY GRABING EU.

  2. The reason we are still holding on to the EU’s apron strings is because the vast majority of our undemocratic MP’s still don’t want to leave, they continue to spout bile about how they are the only people to elect to see the job through, it’s not the government who decides we stay or go, it was a democratic vote of the people what decided the fate of the EU’s involvement with the UK, and the governments place to implement it.

  3. totally agree with the above statements, We should stop taking notice of the eu, and focus on the People of the UK, stop our fishing grounds been destroyed by their fishing fleets,We also need to start sending all the eu nationalist criminals back to france. As technicallywe are an island, and to get here cross many countries in which to claim asylum.

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