Woke SNP rules sidelined - Prisons scrap Nicola Sturgeon's trans self-ID policy

Woke SNP rules sidelined – Prisons scrap Nicola Sturgeon’s trans self-ID policy

The policy has divided opinion after rapist Isla Bryson, previously named Adam Graham, was accommodated in a female prison. 

Scottish prisons have abandoned First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s policy on self-identification for transgender people after the controversy surrounding a rapist being accommodated in a female prison.

The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) announced it will now decide where to send new inmates based on their biological sex, dismissing their preferred gender identity.

This goes further than the SNP’s measures following the Isla Bryson scandal – the Scottish Government announced it would stop trans prisoners “with any history of violence against women” from being housed in female jails.

Trans prisoners had previously been told they would be “allocated” based on their gender identity.

The row surrounding Isla Bryson, who committed the crimes while still named Adam Graham, came shortly after the Scottish Parliament passed a law making it easier to self-identify.

Last month, a victim of Isla Bryson’s said the rapist should not be considered a woman.

Despite the widespread concern surrounding women’s safety, a recent review by the SPS concluded that women were “not at risk of harm” when Isla Bryson was transferred to a women’s prison.

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  1. Nicola Sturgeon is living on another planet, along with others who believe a person is what they claim to be, the judgment of anyone, can only sensibly be what is stated on their birth certificate, which is what Mother nature blessed them with, if the powers that be give recognition to these people, they will reap what they sow, no one on this earth can change nature.

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