Migrants Hosted in Free Hotels Since 2020, risen from less than 2,600 to more than 37,000

Migrants Hosted in Free Hotels Since 2020, risen from less than 2,600 to more than 37,000

According to government statistics analysed by the Guardian, 41,388 refugees were accommodated in dispersion accommodation—typically shared apartments and flats—in March 2020, and 11,910 more between then and September 2022.

However, the massive increase in migrants being hosted in hotels over the same period, from less than 2,600 to tens of thousands, has grabbed many more headlines, in part because concentrating large numbers of migrants in such accommodation has the potential to transform the demographics of communities virtually overnight, and in part because of high-profile incidents like a mass stabbing by a Glasgow hotel migrant believed to be irate at the “culturally irration

Months after September, boatloads of migrants continue to cross the English Channel in small boats, and the Conservative (Tory) Party still refuses to return them to the safe European Union countries they set sail from, usually France but also Belgium and the Netherlands.

While the Guardian, a leftist, pro-mass migration publication, emphasised the apparently bad conditions in the hotels that Britons and tourists would have to pay to stay in, many members of the public have voiced anger at the vast amounts spent on housing migrants in them.

At a time when Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt are raising taxes in the name of fiscal discipline and workers in nursing are striking to increase pay packets eroded by inflation, the sums are far from negligible.

The Tories, then led by Theresa May, first declared boat crossings a “major incident” in 2018, and successive Tory prime ministers and home secretaries have promised immediate, effective action on them ever since, but they have risen from less than a thousand in 2018 to around 1,800 in 2019, 8,500 in 2020, over 28,500 in 2021, and over 40,000 in 2022.

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