Ann Widdecombe blasts Remainer Heseltine for his 'completely wrong' Brexit argument.

Ann Widdecombe blasts Remainer Heseltine for his ‘completely wrong’ Brexit argument.

Ann Widdecombe tore apart Lord Heseltine for claiming Britain has had almost seven years to reap Brexit benefits.

The arch-Remainer raged that the UK has had since the 2016 referendum to capitalise on its departure from the EU.

But Brexiteer Ms Widdecombe argued that the UK has only had two years as the transition period did not come to a close until the end of 2022.

In a clash on TalkTV, Lord Heseltine said: “The referendum was in 2016, nearly seven years ago.”

He added that Brexit voters were “sold a pack of lies”.

The former Tory deputy prime minister said: “The greatest evidence of that is six years later when the Brexiteers have been in charge, we have not seen any of the benefits we were told we would get and that’s because they were all fiction.”

But Ms Widdecombe disagreed with Lord Heseltine over the timeline.

The ex-Conservative minister and Brexit Party MEP said: “With all due respect for Lord Heseltine, he’s just got this one completely wrong. We have not had six years, we have only been legally out for two.”

Ms Widdecombe added that the UK has not done enough to seize Brexit benefits in the two years since cutting final ties with Brussels.

She said: “Well I certainly think we’re not taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to us. That is the first thing.

“Secondly those opportunities are limited by the agreement that was reached which was I think Brexit in name only.

“But even so we’ve still got some freedoms we could use and we’re not using them. And that is why people are so disappointed.

“Also things have been conflated. We’ve got inflation largely because of huge spending during Covid. It’s not just confined to Britain, it’s in other countries as well.

“But everybody says post-Brexit therefore on account of Brexit and that is a nonsense argument.”

It comes after it emerged a secret summit addressing the failings of Brexit took place at Ditchley Park country house in Oxfordshire last week.

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